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  • The 2018 AGM is soon upon us and we are required to ask for nominations to the board. Have your say here.
  • Transport-Canada has announced to all the UAV stakeholders that the CARAC Plenary will take place on February 22, 2018. We have been asked to save the date in our calendar. More details will follow, and we will inform members as and when we know more.
  • Open the Electrical panel front or not? It seems that the MGCS wants us to protect consumers but there were some kinks in the regulations already in place by the MoL, WSIB and ESA. We have worked out the ESA concerns and are still working on the MoL/WSIB issues.
  • Following the input from OntarioACHI in the process leading up to the passage of Bill-59, we received a letter from the Minister, Hon. Tracy McCharles, MPP. We thought we'd share it with those interested. This is another indication that your association is committed to continued working with the government on making things better for consumers and inspectors alike. Click here to access the letter.

Discounts on entry end at 5 am on the first day of the conference.  Course access finishes at 6pm today (Monday 5th).  The gala dinner is full and the training has only limited slots left (all less than 5).  This is your last chance to get in on the education, and access the conference at a discount.

The Annual Education Conference and exhibitor showcase is nearly here


Admission can be gained at the start of each day, but no discounts are available after the online booking has been stopped


2018 Education Conference & Exhibitors Showcase

Following on the success of last year’s Conference and AGM we have extended the program to cover three days for 2018.  As per last year, the conference will be broken up into multiple streams over the three days.

We will again have one stream dedicated to a series of seminars and presentations, each lasting between 45 minutes to 1 hour, to educate Inspectors on new technologies, new materials and techniques, or new services that will be useful to them in the profession.

We are also offering streams that allow Inspectors to choose from:

  • Training that will offer CPD credits
  • Formal education offering CEU credits
  • Certification for Real-Estate testing of Radon
  • Commercial Inspection Introductions to the ASTM PCA
  • Indoor Air Quality Sampling Protocols.

The format is flexible, allowing Inspectors to choose their options.  There is also an option for Inspectors to write proctored examinations towards the CCHI program.

Ontario Annual Conference - More information

The Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors (OntarioACHI), an independent not-for-profit Ontario organisation and represents the majority of Home and Property Inspectors across Ontario (see Statistics) and serves as the voice and champion of the Home and Property Inspection profession in Ontario.

OntarioACHI also provides administrative assistance to maintain the Ontario Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

In today’s economy, more than ever, it is important for home buyers, home sellers and homeowners to make sure the money they invest in Real Estate is wisely spent. The first and continuing process they should embark on is a Property Inspection Process from a reputable, professional Home & Property Inspector that has undergone significant training and is held to the highest ethical, moral and professional standards.  OntarioACHI is the only truly open, transparent and publicly facing organisation in Ontario, and we exist to provide you with the information you need about our members, and their commitment to their profession and you as their clients as well as providing them with the resources they need to ensure the work they do for you is to the best standards.  We require our members work to the highest ethical practices and professional standards, and are many of our inspectors, in addition to being highly educated have taken the voluntary action of getting Police Background checks to prove that they have current evidence that they can be trusted with the property of houses they inspect.  InterNACHI has the largest educational library of any Inspectors Association, and OntarioACHI has accredited these courses as part of the pre-requisites for the CCHI program.  In recognition that these courses offer no proctoring of examinations, we have added online proctoring services to ensure that the inspectors are proven to have taken the exams and courses they claim.

When looking for an Inspector, Look for these logos:


This logo identifies the Inspector as a fully paid-up member of the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors.
This means that he or she has committed to conform at least to the Standards of Practice (SoP) and Code of Ethics (CoE) set out in this website and is accountable to the Disciplinary Processes and procedures of OntarioACHI.

In addition, the member has to abide by the educational requirements that ensure they are trained to at least the minimum needed to ensure they can perform a thorough inspection of a Residential Property to the standards set out in the OntarioACHI SoP

Watermarked CCHI Ontario

This logo identifies that the Inspector, in addition to being a fully paid-up member of the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors, has also achieved all the educational, skills, insurance and police background check requirements to be recognised and a Canadian-Certified Home Inspector and receives the entitlement to use the CCHI designation

This designation is the only designation for Home Inspectors that truly aligns 100% with the proposals made to the government for the licensing of home Inspectors in Ontario.  Any Inspector using this designation should also carry a membership card with a barcode that can be read by any smartphone app and point you to the OntarioACHI web services that confirm the member is in good standing and is indeed entitled to use the CCHI designation.

It requires ongoing re-certification.

CMI Logo

This logo indicates the Inspector has provided documentary proof they have achieved the Certified Master Inspector requirements standard. 

Certified Master Inspector (CMI)® is both a U.S. and Canadian registered trademark of the Master Inspector Certification Board, Inc.

CMI is one of the most powerful marketing designations and is awarded to inspectors who have provided paperwork that complies with the requirements of the award process.  The Master Inspector Certification Board, Inc., is not a trade association. Certified Master Inspector® is not a membership level, nor do CMIs belong to any specific trade organization.

Certified Master Inspector® is a professional designation available to all qualifying inspectors in the U.S. and Canada.  It does not require ongoing re-certification.



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