Under Development

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We are in the process of making big changes to our Web Services portal.

With input from our members, we are making our Web Services, faster, more reliable, and easier to use.   We are adding a number of services and cleaning up some others that were either under-utilised, outdated, or just not working.

Please bear with us as we go through these changes.  We collected lots of information over the past 9 years, and have to migrate this to the new services and servers, and then test to make sure it’s all working.

This site is the staging system and will be gradually built-up to provide the functionality the finished portal will have.   While you are more than welcome to browse and play, the data will be removed once we have finished development.

For members, we strongly advise that you do not enter any updates to your profile here, they will be lost when we finished the migration.  Instead, ensure you use the live site at OntarioACHI.

Good things come to those who wait, we think you’ve waited long enough, so we are doing something about it.