Bill 119 Report: Is belonging to an Association worth it?

WSIB LogoAs most are aware (or should be by now!), the WSIB applied a law at the beginning of 2013. Most, if not all of us, were very much against this new “money grab” and many efforts and labour hours were spent by a group of the OntarioACHI executives to try to clarify some of the inconsistencies.

Time and again, we were advised by a few Members that the WSIB representatives were contradicting each other and applying pressure or bullying tactics in dealing with honest and hardworking business people. In these previous cases, further information was usually not available or “forgotten”…

This is until last week, where a respected Member got in contact with the Certification Committee to discuss an explosive situation which had developed with the Board. The highlights:

  • From the first year of the law being in effect (2013), the Member was contacted and advised that he needed to register with WSIB. Following clarification and the usual red-tape back and forth, the Member was advised this was an error and he did not need to register: SUCCESS! Oh… but hang on here…
  • Fast forward: Every year forward, the Member was again contacted and advised he needed to register. Following the same procedures (Blah, blah-Red tape Bs… Allouette), the Member was advised that his account would be adjusted accordingly and “Tata-For-Now”, we’re done and: SUCCESS! Oh… but hang on here…
  • Fast forward-2nd edition: A new “expert” started dealing with our Member extraordinaire! No problem: Our Colleague being an old pro, knew exactly how to get this sorted since he’d done it prior. Well folks, “a new broom always sweeps better” and this expert decided to interpret the regulations in her own way and put serious pressure on our Colleague, “Inspector-I’ve had enough of this!”. Right or wrong, our dear Colleague assumed that because this had been sorted previously and they had put a note on his file that this would get sorted. Yay! SUCCESS! Oh… but hang on here…
  • The message to the Certification Committee relayed this information above. The big shock was what followed! In a supreme display of bureaucratic tosh and inefficiency, the Board decided to send an invoice to our colleague for an amount of premiums which assumed he had made over a Million in the past couple of years. As the Chair of the Committee has been involved for a lengthy period in this chaotic affair, a message was immediately sent out to the WSIB executive and the contacts at the MOL, to try to get this sorted forthwith.

Current Conclusion:

One of the business managers at WSIB got in touch with the Member and promised to get his account sorted and removed. The Members requested everything in writing and the manger promised this within the next days. We are keeping track to see this indeed completely gets closed off.

What now, you ask:

We have been arguing, sometimes very “forthrightly”, with the WSIB saying this is indeed happening on a regular basis. It is the first time a Member has given a rundown and details for us to assist. In order to get this moving further, we need to hear from you: Our valued Members! Please send us examples of this type of chaotic situation if you have had the “joy” of dealing with it.

We need details and names if you have them… Just saying something is amiss without backup will do nothing. The more we can gather, the more we can get this going in a better direction!

Best regards and Happy ‘Spectin’!

Certification Committee – Pat

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