Combating the waiving of Home Inspections   Recently updated !

Current Market Conditions The Real-Estate market in Ontario has seen a recent phenomenon of home being sold with multiple-bids and selling for astronomically high prices, sometimes 30% over asking.  In this frenzied buying atmosphere, buyers are waiving conditions, usually the Home Inspection and often financing clauses. This puts the buyer […]

Verbal Report not worth it

Transport-Canada UAS (Drone) proposals   Recently updated !

The deadline to respond to Transport Canada for the proposed changes to the regulations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems is fast approaching. Written comments should be sent to by October 13, 2017. For anyone who hasn’t yet read the proposals you can find them here:…l/reg2-eng.php Here is a very high level summary […]

WSIB Policy Framework review

The date for submissions to the proposed rate and policy changes by the WSIB is October 13th.  The proposed changes are far reaching and could be costly to Home Inspectors who have family members with their own businesses. The summary of the proposed changes can be found here: The devil […]

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We are offering a new news brief service to all Inspectors in Ontario, Canada.  We will be sending out very short, simple messages on a regular basis that provide tips, advice, tricks and guidance on helping develop a more professional Home Inspection business and assist in your endeavours to protect […]

Timeline to regulation

Bill-59 has now been “Ordered for Third Reading”.  This means the Bill will return to the Assembly for what we believe will be the final debate, and then await Royal Assent.  For Government Bills the usual period of time between Third Reading and royal Assent is between 1 day and […]

Home Inspection Act, 2017

Following the passage of “Bill 59, 2016 – An Act to enact a new Act with respect to home inspections and to amend various Acts with respect to financial services and consumer protection” through the first and second reading, and through the presentations at the Standing Committee on Social Policy, […]

Is your Home Inspector registered for WSIB?

A post by one of our members covers this topic.  (Original post here: As of January 1, 2013, the Ontario Government made WSIB coverage mandatory for most people in the construction industry.   It was a little known fact that under rate class G  – Construction industry) in the WSIB […]

WSIB registered Inspector

OREA stance on Home Inspections

The board and volunteers of OntarioACHI applaud the latest press release from the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), the trade association that supports Realtors, for their stance on Home Inspections. We were especially pleased to see that Tim Hudak, CEO of OREA, said “Instead of placing another demand on home […]

Facebook for marketing   Recently updated !

If you have a business and an audience on Facebook, you probably understand the importance of engaging your fan base.  But here’s a question for you – are you utilising your social media presence to its fullest potential? The chances are you’re missing the mark by under utilising at least […]



Insurance – Another Kick at the Can

Insurance is always an emotive item of business expenditure.   While many businesses believe they are never going to do anything wrong, mistakes can happen. In a tightening financial marketplace, some individuals will also attempt to take advantage of service providers, choosing to sue at the least excuse to try to […]

OntarioACHI Campus Approved Training

The Accreditation committee has been working with a number of training suppliers to secure Continued Educational Training for our members. In order to speed up confirmation of whether training is approved to be used as CEU credits towards the ongoing maintenance of your CCHI designation look for the following logo. […]

Campus Approved Training Logo

Hopefully you didn’t notice

Your Association’s connection to you Since 2012, we have been providing our members with a number of services on the Internet.  Development of these services has been carried out mainly by volunteers in the Association with support from our technology sponsor eComSecSol Consultancy Inc. Once the platforms were built, we […]

“Cut-price” Inspections

Background The market this year (2016) has seen some strange influences with respect to Real-Estate sales.  The combination of a widening price gap between entry-level and upgrade homes, the tightening of the lending markets and the restrictions placed upon CMHC covered mortgages has led to a reduced inventory. The combination […]

Bait and switch selling