Information specifically on the CCHI program, getting and maintaining the CCHI and disciplinary processes around the certification

Regulation Update

Constant contact Many inspectors have been waiting patiently for news of the Regulation process, and as yet, nothing concrete has been forthcoming from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.   Some inspectors may have read the news piece by Cam Allen at the Whig (here).    In summary,  Mr. Allen […]

2014 CCHI Awards

The following members have completed the required steps in 2014 to be awarded the Canadian Certified Home Inspectors Certification and are now qualified to use the CCHI logo: Pat Auriol January 9th, 2014 CCHI002321 Timothy Smith January 14th, 2014 CCHI008401 John Duffin January 17th, 2014 CCHI003567 Adrian Guertin January 20th, […]

Police Background Check

Part of the requirements for obtaining the Canadian Certified Home Inspector (CCHI) Certification is to submit a recent Police Background Check (PBC). We do not perform police background checks on our members.  It is their responsibility to obtain them and submit them to the association. It is likely that when […]

What is the Canadian-Certified Home Inspector Certification? 2

  The Canadian-Certified Home Inspector is an education, skills and  professional competency  certification developed for Ontario in conjunction with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the Alberta Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  The Canadian-Certified Home Inspector Certification allows the public to identify Inspectors who can prove that they […]

Obtaining and Maintaining the CCHI

The Canadian-Certified Home Inspectors certification and designation CCHI can be awarded to, and used by, full paid-up members in good standing of, the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors (henceforth known as “OntarioACHI”) or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors of Canada (henceforth known as “AlbertaACHI”) (henceforth known as […]