Member Benefits

Changes to your membership dues

You may not be aware but operating the membership management system requires the maintenance of around 143 programs and over 500,000 lines of coding.  It also involves a large amount of manpower to ensure each of our members are supported in their needs. Recent changes to the base code in […]

Update on E&O Insurance program

Following conversations with Hub International and a lengthy meeting at Hub International (Oakville) yesterday (8th Dec 2015) The following facts were determined. The Hub HKMB (Toronto) Home Inspector program is not available in Ontario or any other province outside of Quebec for InterNACHI members or anyone else. The claims assist […]

Newsletter Statistics

We try to send regular newsletters to members who have subscribed to the Newsletter service.   Every so often we prune the subscription list down to reduce the amount of web traffic created by our servers. If you are not getting your newsletters and think you should please contact us at […]

Group Insurance package for members

We have managed to arrange a Group Insurance Program exclusive to OntarioACHI members. The Group Insurance Program offers extremely low costs and excellent coverage. Rates for the initial two packages (we are working on more) are $132.93 (single) and $315.80 (family) monthly including tax.   No medical evidence is needed! […]

Member Benefits

Here at OntarioACHI one of our prime missions is to ensure our members reap the benefits of agreements we can arrange with suppliers. The benefits we look to obtain are ones based upon products or services that inspectors might need as part of their daily operations or long-term business plan […]