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Save Money – Build your own Camera Pole

Inspecting the Roof Safely Recent regulations regarding the working at heights requirements prompted a couple of members of your board to attend the WAH training sessions to see what is required for Home Inspectors who wish to traverse the roof to inspect them.   We came to the conclusion, with the […]

Don't be stupid - working at heights

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We are offering a new news brief service to all Inspectors in Ontario, Canada.  We will be sending out very short, simple messages on a regular basis that provide tips, advice, tricks and guidance on helping develop a more professional Home Inspection business and assist in your endeavours to protect […]

10 Best Practices to reduce your liability

1.  ALWAYS ensure you give a thorough explanation of the agreement and ALWAYS get a signature from the client PRIOR to starting the inspection.  It is imperative that the limitations of the inspection be explained to the customer.  Having the customer initial the onerous clauses in addition to the signature […]

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Hot Tub Health & Safety Tips

HEALTH & SAFETY ISSUES Hot tub health and safety issues can be thought of in three categories: related illnesses; people who are particularly at risk; and common accidents which need to be avoided. ILLNESSES Let’s start by looking at the illnesses which are likely to strike hot tub users. In […]