CCHI Examinations free at the 2018 Conference

From the Certification Nerds:

The 2018 Conference is fast approaching and this is an exciting time for our profession!

The conference setup-lizards have been most busy in building and setting up a program which will be beneficial to your business.

On the certification committee side, we will again be offering the possibility to write CCHI qualifying exams both for new-entrants (2 exams) and for those who need to re-certify or wish to transfer in from an existing recognized designation. The cost for these proctored exams is normally set at $95.00 per exam.  As per our previous conferences, the exam fees will be waived for registered delegates wishing to book an exam sitting.

In order to participate in the exam sittings, a booking registration is required.

You may use the form below to register.  This is for members only so you will need to log in to get the form!


Q. But I’m not a member yet… And I can’t get the booking form…

A.  No problem! You now have 2 choices:

  1. Join the association: Very simple and can be done online at:
  2. Send a request to the certification committee at

Q.  I’m not sure if I can be a CCHI…

A. Becoming a CCHI is a process which requires a few important steps. Consult the program flowchart on the association site and you will get the information required. You may be pleasantly surprised… You can reach the flowchart here:

Looking forward to seeing you at the Conference!