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Unlike some other Home Inspector Associations we believe the way to support our members is to support their needs for their chosen profession.

This is why we have minimised our overheads, opting for virtual offices and multiple on-line services rather than physical offices and expensive staff.

Our membership marketing is driven by our membership, not expensive market research companies, it is managed by the volunteers in the executive board and standing committees.

We do not pay for lobbyists, but let our members professionalism speak for itself.

Above all, we believe the price of membership should reflect the tangible savings we can offer in return for that membership.

We realise that being a professional home inspector entails certain costs that can't be avoided.  We have taken these costs on board and using the power of the associations membership size negotiated discounts on everyday, needed services and products that save more for the inspector each year than the membership costs.

In addition we are continuing to find optional services and products that some inspectors want to assist them in their daily chores that save them yet more.

The membership funds you submit to go to helping us advance the education and training, and other services we supply for inspectors benefits which all ultimately benefit your clients.

That said, on March 9th, 2016, the membership voted unanimously to increase the membership price to $150 per year. This is the first price increase since the founding of the association in 2011.

We are sure that you will enjoy your association, that is here for you and your support, and not for bragging rights.

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